RSG – Foodbank Donations

RSG – Foodbank Donations

The Rigters Group are always looking for ways to reduce food wastage in-store and what better way than to ensure that all food possible gets a second chance through Foodbank.

Before food has a chance to spoil we get it to Foodbank, where it can be shared with those in need as part of a partnership program we have Foodbank since they since they started in Geraldton.

Last year alone, the Rigters Group donated over $54,000 worth of food to Foodbank, creating an equivalent of 21,589 meals for those who need it!

Hello, we’re Foodbank WA.

We believe everyone should have access to good quality food. We’re here for the everyday Western Australians who are going without. And it’s our job to help change that.  

Foodbank WA provides food and groceries to those who struggle to afford them. We also deliver education to promote healthy eating and advocate for people who experience food insecurity.

We work with farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers who donate and redirect surplus stock to us. This plays a vital role in tackling food waste and helps limit climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from landfills.  

Our vision is to end hunger in Western Australia by 2030. Our purpose is to Feed. Educate. Advocate. 

Want to help? Need help? Head to