Community Chest

Community Chest

Rigters Supermarkets prides itself on being a part of our local community, and what better way to be a part of our community than by providing local organisations with much needed funds.

Community Chest is a program run by IGA in supermarkets across Australia and aims to raise money for local charities and organisations.

Each year Rigters Supermarkets raises funds for a different organisation and over the past years we have raised over $252,000.00 for various clubs, charities and organisations.

We raise money in many different ways over the course of the year. From fundraisers such as sausage sizzles, raffles and competitions, to events such as quiz nights and race days. We also collect donations in store.

Also, any time you purchase any IGA product, a percentage is automatically credited to our Community Chest account.

The same applies to any products bearing a Community Chest ticket. So every time you shop and purchase any of these items you are helping your community. This year we are saving so that we can help more of our community next year!

For more information about this fantastic program head to the IGA website.