Shop for Your School

Shop for Your School

The Rigters Group Shop For Your School Program is designed to give your school extra funds to purchase the things that matter most and are most needed to help students get the most from their schooling.

Unlike other School Reward Programs ours has been created so it is available every day of the year in all three of our supermarkets.  There are no time limits, no minimum spend and no limit to how much your school can earn.

Simply ask the checkout operator to add your sale to your preferred school! It’s that easy!

For every dollar you spend, your school will earn a point.  These are totalled throughout the year and calculated into dollars before we send a cheque direct to your school.

As of the end of 2021, we have donated nearly $132,000 back to the local schools of Geraldton.

*Points can not be donated if already using a Rigters Reward Card.
*Points are not earned on tobacco products.