Rigters Reward Partners – Stockyard Stock Supplies

Rigters Reward Partners – Stockyard Stock Supplies

Stockyard Stock Supplies have MOVED!

You can now find them at 112 Eastward Road.

Questions you may have?

Will we still have a friendly drive through service? Of course!! We have a new and improved drive through service.

Will we still be stocking small animal food’s as well as stock and horse feed? Yes! We will still cater for all animals from fish to camels!! Not only 20+kg bags but also smaller bags for smaller animals if needed (for example bird seed from 2.5kgs) as well as accessories

Will we still be making the Stockyard Mixes? Our Variety Chook Mix, Large Parrot Mix, Pigeon Mix and Rabbit and Guinea Pig Mix will definitely still be getting made! Just under our new roof.

The team at Stockyard Stock Supplies look forward to seeing you at their new shop!

Stockyard Stock Supplies

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