Do you like it hot?

Do you like it hot?

Challenge accepted!!!

So we have an awesome chilli display made by Rah-rah this week and he has also included some samples for anyone to try….

If you are up to it we have the following chillies on offer –

Green Jalapeño 2500 – 10000 Scoville Units

Red Long Chillies 25000 – 50000 Scoville units

Habanero 100000 – 350000 Scoville units

Scorpion 1.2 Million Scoville Units

Carolina Reaper 1.5 Million Scoville Units Plus

Kyme was our lucky Guinea pig this morning, he said the Reaper has a back kick so please be cautious when trying a chilli and check with the deli first so they can have a sample of cheese on hand ready if Kyme says it’s hot, then it’s hot!