5 Minutes with Kyme

5 Minutes with Kyme

Hey Everyone, hope you are all travelling well, and you are keeping things on track.

At Rigters Supermarkets, we understand that, financially, it’s getting tougher out there which is why we keep working hard with our suppliers to find better prices without sacrificing quality.

We’ve started doing EXTRA price checks against the chains to make sure that you don’t pay more when you shop with us. We are selecting some of the more common and popular items and price checking them, pitting our home brand lines against theirs, as well as the big-name brands. We are conducting these checks on a regular basis and full details are available on our website.

This trolley of goods at your local Rigters store will cost you $65.15, at the Green Chain it will cost you $64.87, and at the Red Chain it will cost you $65.72. Whilst this time, we aren’t the cheapest, it definitely shows that we are competitive, and we will always strive to give our customers value for money.

We are determined to continue to provide good value, quality service and unrivalled local support to Geraldton and its residents. A big thank you to Geraldton for your years of support, we will continue to give it back.

Kyme Rigter
Rigters Supermarkets General Manager