The Rigters Group Staff Milestones

The Rigters Group Staff Milestones

Each year The Rigters Group acknowledges our long-serving staff by presenting them with Milestone Pins.

Milestone pins are presented during our EJ Awards Night to each staff member when they reach a 5 year milestone.

A big thank-you and congratulations to the following staff who received pins this year:

5 Years
Carla Cream
Matthew Eastough
Shirley McCarthy
Stephanie Rigter
David Barrett

Julie Kellett
David Kellett
Andrew Supit
Klay Linton
Anzala Minza

Lacey Tondut
Linda McAuliffe
Jessie Roper
Jace Roper

10 Years
Kim Borschmann
Bernie Gorringe

Louis Canny

Gloria Ford

15 Years
Leisha Godfrey
Megan Clift

20 Years
Stuart Bain

Vennessa Heal

25 Years
John Ioannidis

Dwayne Milovitch

35 Years
Lisa Brehaut

Thank-you also to the full list of our Milestone Staff: