Rigters Group Rising Star Award – Abraham Panaia

Rigters Group Rising Star Award – Abraham Panaia

The Rigters Group Rising Star Award is our new annual award presented to a junior member of staff within our stores who has demonstrated exceptional efforts, maturity and team involvement.

They are also required to have displayed:

We have had numerous nominations for this Award, which was great to see and very encouraging, being a brand-new award.

We are proud to announce the very first winner of the RSG Rising Star award is:

Abraham Panaia
IGA Queens

Here is Abraham’s nomination sent through from Symonde at IGA Queens.

“Abraham received employee of the month in February 2023. Since then, he has proved to be an integral part of the grocery team.

Never disappointing us in his work ethics, support to the team members and management.

Showing skills such as initiative and high work standards, Abraham has many times worked above and beyond the expected level of someone of his age.

Abraham is relied on from management to execute tasks efficiently without any fuss, and he would be the fastest Junior Grocery Assistant at Queens to complete job lists.

We are all very proud and thankful to have Abraham as part of our team at IGA Queens.