EJ Award – Runner Ups

EJ Award – Runner Ups

A big congratulations to the Runner Up Winners of the Eileen Jones Award.

Sharon Scott – Rigters Group Admin
Sharon was nominated by Roslyn at Rigters Group Admin and is a valued team member of our group.

Sharon is always extremely meticulous in her work ensuring that her administration duties are completed correctly and on time – this includes keeping the heart of our Back Office System maintained and running.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sharon, she also assists at all three of our supermarkets. Sharon also recently volunteered to work in Lunch Box @ 252 when they were short on staff, often working through her weekends.

We appreciate you Sharon and are very lucky to have such a loyal, dedicated, and hard-working employee!

Cahlem Luscombe – IGA Wonthella

Cahlem is a valuable member of the Wonthella IGA Family.

He takes exceptional pride in his appearance, workplace and cares about is fellow team members.

Nothing is ever too hard to Cahlem, and he always ready to help out whether it be sourcing lines for customers or helping other departments.

Cahlem is a dedicated employee, he is an all-round hard worker, always ensuring his role is done to the fullest each day and taking on extra duties as well when possible.