Eileen Jones Award of Excellence – Monique Crowd

Eileen Jones Award of Excellence – Monique Crowd

The Eileen Jones Award of Excellence is in recognition of the 30 years of loyal service, dedication and tireless efforts Eileen Jones provided to the Rigters Group.
Whilst Eileen is not active in the group today, Eileen is and will always be a stalwart of the RSG. Faithful, committed, and hard-working, nothing was too much trouble. Eileen’s passion for her customers, the community and her continual efforts to go above and beyond are now recognised through this prestigious award.

The Eileen Jones Award is presented to a deserving member of our team who has continually upheld and reflected the same work ethics as Eileen.

Each month, over the course of each year, team members are nominated by their peers and senior management for the Employee of the Month Award. At the end of the year, the winners are combined, and all are reviewed and considered as to whether they meet the EJ Award criteria.

This is never an easy decision, and much consideration & thought is put into the results.

Congratulations to all staff who were voted employees of the month at your sites and again to the staff who were further nominated for this award.

The winner of the 2024 Eileen Jones Award of Excellence is:

Monique Crowd
IGA Queens

Here is Monique’s nomination sent through from Symonde at IGA Queens.

I have had the pleasure of working alongside of Monique since January 2023.

During this time, I have witnessed Monique successfully manage the Front-End Department, the Health and Beauty Department as well as providing support to the remaining departments in the store.

Monique is someone who shows integrity and supports the Vision & Values of Rigters Supermarkets.

She is always trying her best to provide excellent service to our customers while also being available to provide support to fellow employees and managers.

There is a lot of back-office tasks being completed by Monique that is utilised by all 3 supermarkets, special buys/deals, manager specials and more.

Monique is often asked by upper management for assistance because we all know that she will complete any task efficiently and with due care.

Her satisfaction of a job well done only comes when her long list of tasks is crossed off in her diary each day. (somewhat of an achievement if you saw her lists)

As someone who had little experience of managing a store the size of Queens, I found myself seeking advice from Monique many times, she has always been someone that I trust and confided in with helping to make decisions for the store, so Queens IGA can run productively and with high staff morale. Thank you, Monique.