5 Minutes with Kyme

5 Minutes with Kyme

Hey Everyone,

Hope all has been going well as we hit the halfway point of this year, things have certainly cruised by and we are now looking forward to the second half of our year.

At Rigters Supermarkets, we have been very busy, behind the scenes, planning several projects that we are very excited to bring you shortly, one being a branding refresh for our Company.

Established in 1969 by John & Beryl Rigter, Rigters Supermarkets has grown from its humble beginnings through the tireless efforts and hard work of its founders, along with numerous key team members over the years.

As of July 2023, John & Beryl have decided to “officially” retire and enjoy some well-earned time travelling, with family and the grandkids. Their business legacy will continue through myself and my sister Leonie, Stuart and Roslyn, along with our Management Teams & staff. We sincerely thank Mum and Dad for their dedication to our Stores, Company & Community over the last 54 years and look forward to bringing you all the opportunity to wish them well soon too.     

Again, we have some exciting plans and projects coming and we are looking forward to continuing the Rigter legacy to serve the Geraldton Community for many years & generations to come!

Kyme Rigter
Rigters Supermarkets General Manager